Mentor a Student and Change the World

By State Senator Gilda Z. Jacobs
September 1, 2009

For the past couple of years I have served on the advisory board of the Mentor Connection. I felt guilty at every meeting because I was not mentoring a young person. After all, if Governor Granholm and Dan Mulhern can find time to mentor, then so should I. When the opportunity for a three month mentoring relationship came up, I jumped at the chance... and I am so glad that I did.

9th District Picnic to be Rescheduled

Stay tuned for details on the new date, time, and location for the 9th Congressional District's Third Annual Softball Picnic event. Originally scheduled for Saturday, September 5th, it will be rescheduled to another date and time to be announced soon!

Health Care Town Hall with Congressman Gary Peters - Sept. 1

Our Congressman has spent the last several months meeting with many of the stakeholders in this crucial conversation – doctors, hospital administrators, patients rights advocates, small business owners, and, most importantly, his constituents. Rep. Peters has heard many different ideas for how to fix our nation’s health care system the overwhelming consensus is clear: our system is broken, and it's time for reform.

Get the facts and help dispel the lies and myths:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm

The Passing of a Legend

By Phil O'Dwyer, Chair
August 26, 2009

Sen. Ted Kennedy's 77 year old robust life came to an end in Hyannis Port as the initial diagnosis foreshadowed. The announcement of his death evokes a sense of sadness and loss for the nation.

For five decades Ted was the voice of Progressive Democratic values in the US Senate. He was first elected in 1962, at the age of 30, when one of his brothers was President and the other Attorney General. Within five years he suffered the loss of both brothers to assassins' bullets and later encountered a sustained train of family tragedies and personal demons.

Yet despite these experiences Ted never grew bitter about life and never became cynical about government. Ernest Hemingway once wrote, "...some get stronger in the broken places," and this was surely the case with Ted. There was substance to the mystique.

Health Care Benefits, Myths, and Rationale

from David Axelrod, Senior Adviser to the President
August 13, 2009

Across the country we are seeing vigorous debate about health insurance reform. Unfortunately, some of the old tactics we know so well are back — even the viral emails that fly unchecked and under the radar, spreading all sorts of lies and distortions.

In this message, you’ll find a lot of information about health insurance reform, distilled into (a) eight ways reform provides security and stability to those with or without coverage, (b) eight common myths about reform, and (c) eight reasons we need health insurance reform now.

Saving Michigan’s Heritage

By John P. DuLong
August 10, 2009

As a Democrat it is always embarrassing for me when someone I have voted for and supported has made what I consider a misguided move. Fortunately, I rarely face this situation. Unfortunately, I face it today. Our good Governor Jennifer Granholm dissolved the Department of History, Arts & Libraries by executive order. This decision had imperiled the future of the Michigan Historical Center which consists of the Library of Michigan, the Archives of Michigan, and the Museum of Michigan.

Reform Health Care Based on Facts

By U.S. Rep. John Dingell
August 11, 2009

Town hall meetings continue a democratic tradition that goes back more than 2,500 years. In ancient Athens, they held "Ecclesia" or gatherings to discuss and decide civic matters. Great movements have been born from these gatherings of individuals with different ideas working to forge consensus.

Last Thursday, I held two town hall meetings in Romulus to discuss a matter of the utmost importance -- health care reform. The large turnout made me very happy. I want to hear from opponents and supporters of the legislation.

Michigan Filmmakers Benefit from Film Incentives

By State Senator Gilda Z. Jacobs
August 10, 2009

Recently, I received a letter in support of Michigan’s film credits from Eddie Rubin, Co- President and Producer of the Michigan based film production company Deep Blue Pictures. Mr. Rubin copied me on his letter to Senate Finance Chair Senator Nancy Cassis because I am the Minority Vice-Chair of Finance, the committee that considers tax incentive legislation.

I found Mr. Rubin’s description of how the film credits work in his company to create jobs and more film business in Michigan very compelling.