The Anatomy of a Political Campaign

By Dr. Phil O'Dwyer, Chair
February 29, 2008

Election campaigns are complex, demanding, and filled with risk. These well-known features keep down the numbers of those willing to "put their neck on the line" for public service. Most who seek office are well-motivated and driven by principle. They seek to advance a perspective that they believe to be important. That view quickly puts them in conflict with those who are passionate about an alternative vision. Suddenly, they become legitimate targets of criticism, rumor, and innuendo.

Obama - The Politics of Hope and Change

By Dr. Phil O'Dwyer, Chair
November 8, 2008

This election is historic and our country will never be the same again because Americans will not be the same. We have witnessed and helped establish the civic realignment of the country. Such landmark shifts have occurred in the past but this one is bigger than the Barack Obama phenomenon. The voice of the Millennials - those born after 1982 - has been decisive in this election. They delivered energy and hope in a time of despair. They are destined to have a similar impact on society as the "Boomers" did in another era.

National and Local Change

By Dr. Phil O'Dwyer, Chair
December 22, 2008

2008 slips into history as a year of mixed blessings. Its greatest blessing may be that the end of the Bush era is near. Most observers agree that George W is clearly the worst President in the nation's history. Both of his elections were shrouded in deception. "Hanging chads," voter suppression, missing boxes of ballots in Florida, disenfranchised voters in Ohio - all nicely solved by a Supreme Court decision or dubious computerized voting machines that were designed to be unauditable.

November 2008 Election Results

Congratulations to Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Carl Levin, Gary Peters, Andy Meisner, Jessica Cooper, Ellen Cogen Lipton, and Janet Jackson! And our thanks and gratitude to the fantastic slate of Democratic candidates!

Of those who cast a straight party ticket in Berkley, 1,892 (57%) were for the Democratic Party. Including those straight party votes with balance of the votes for the various races, here is how Berkley voted on Tuesday, November 4th.