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Wealth Inequality in America

Here is a short video that clearly explains the state of wealth inequality in the United States of America, I encourage all of your to watch it.

What is Fascism?

At the last meeting of the club I am afraid I babbled on about fascism and the danger of going down the path of fascism in the United States. As our political opponents often cast the claim that we are fascists, I thought perhaps we should be more cautious of how we use the term and what exactly it means.

Activism Tip--Politicians on Your Cell Phone

Have you ever listened to something on the TV or radio and thought, damn, I should call up my legislator about this issue, and then the thought passes. Do what I do. I have put my state and federal legislators telephone numbers on my cell phone. Whenever I read or hear something that calls for action, I call my politicians on my cell phone and leave a message expressing my concern.

Door Bell

I know this is trivial, but today I fixed my door bell. It has been broken for over 20 years, ever since we moved in. My patient wife asked me years ago to fix it, but my motivation was not to please her. After canvassing for several politicians over the last few years I have learned that less than about two in ten homes have functional door bells in Berkley.