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Essays and Opinions

It's hard work and I'm doing my best

By Dr. Phil O'Dwyer, Chair
September 11, 2005

"It's hard work and I'm doing my best" - G.W. Bush

We are a nation obsessed with measuring things. Our daily discourse seems to be guided by the Thorndike dictum that if it can't be measured then it doesn't exist. Remember when corporate profits were noted on an annual balance sheet? Well today, quarterly reports have given way to the monthly numbers.

Lights - Camera - Action!

By Steve Baker
May 14, 2005

A delicate buzz of excitement swept across the crowd as the principals entered the set. The lights were in place; the microphones in position. A cameraman furiously struggled to assemble and prepare his equipment before the opening scene began. The audience was in store for quite a show that evening, knowing they were seeing history unfold. What could be so thrilling? A taping of a Seinfeld reunion? A new episode of Law and Order?

Pondering the Democratic donkey

By Steve Baker
May 14, 2005

Have you ever wondered why the donkey represents the Democratic Party? The icon dates back to Andrew Jackson, who in 1828 was called a "jackass" for saying "let the people rule." He embraced the image in his posters, and Old Hickory went on to serve eight years as our seventh President.

Pondering left and right

By Steve Baker
April 16, 2005

Why is the left "Left" and the right "Right?"

Take me out of the ball game

By Steve Baker
April 14, 2005

Take me out of the ball game
Fill my head with your views

Election Night at Grant Park in Chicago

By Cathy King
November 8, 2008

Others more eloquent than I have already spoken to what the election of Barack Obama means to not only Americans but how citizens in countries around the world have renewed hope that America can regain its once respected place in the world.

Reflections on the 9th District Candidates Forum

(or, Lisa Goes to Rochester)

By Lisa Platt Auensen, photos by Eric Auensen
October 20, 2008

I must confess that, while the race for 9th District U.S. House is extremely important to me, I didn't particularly want to attend the debate last Thursday [Oct. 16, 2008] night at Oakland University in Rochester. I already know who I'll be voting for, so I really ended up going just to be supportive of Gary Peters. I now must confess that I'm really glad I went.

The Report Card for 2007

By Dr. Phil O'Dwyer, Chair
December 29, 2007

The icy cold of another Michigan winter is upon us as 2007 gives way to a new year. The season bids us reflect on the stewardship of all our elected officials across the board. As with charity, we may begin at home: The City of Berkley recently received a positive audit from Plante Moran. Its findings suggest that we are financially healthy and this is directly attributable to the careful management of our resources by the Council, the Manager, and the employees of the City. Each element worked collaboratively as faithful custodians of our community purse. There are also hundreds of volunteers that save us countless dollars and provide services we otherwise could not afford.