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About Us

As an active community of progressive citizens in Berkley, Michigan, we celebrate this opportunity to stay in touch and reach out to like-minded individuals around the corner and around the world.

Our mission is to promote the philosophy of the Democratic Party and to help elect candidates who support this philosophy. This mission is facilitated through club members and committees, precinct delegates, and like-minded individuals who seek to advances the principles of our Party at the local level.

At the February 16, 2012 meeting, the Berkley Democratic Club elected the Officers for 2012-2013. The Club Officers are:

  • Chair: Dr. Phil O'Dwyer
  • Vice-Chair: Nicole Smithson
  • Treasurer: Mark Richardson
  • Secretary: Steve Baker
  • Club Trustees: Scott Emerson and Dan Terbrack

Berkley Democrats on other Democratic Party Boards:

  • OCDP Officers Committee: Ryan J. Gesund
  • OCDP Executive Committee: Dan Terbrack, Erik Karell
  • 9th Congressional District Treasurer: Kevin Hrit
  • 9th Congressional District Executive Committee: Erik Karell
  • State Central Committee: Dan Colton

Berkley Democrats on non-partisan Berkley Committees and Boards:

  • Board of Canvassers: Shirley Hansen, Cathy King
  • Environmental Advisory Committee: Eric Auensen, Mark Richardson
  • Historical Committee: Sue Richardson
  • Library Board: John DuLong

Please contact us using the online contact form or by sending email to

Visit us on our Facebook group page and send mail to Berkley Democratic Club, PO Box 725242, Berkley, Michigan, 48072-5242.