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Congressman John D. Dingell: Longest Serving Member of Congress!

Lon Johnson
June 7, 2013

As a high school yearbook photographer, I once found myself stranded at the opening of an auto plant in Flat Rock, Michigan. Lucky for me, a local Congressman was also attending the event and graciously offered to give me a ride back to school. While speaking to the Congressman in the car, he invited me to attend a Michael Dukakis rally the following week.

I credit that ride back to school, and the conversation that we had, as the start of my journey into politics that has led me here to the Michigan Democratic Party. That's why I'm happy to join people from across Michigan in celebrating that Congressman's historic achievement.

Today, Congressman John D. Dingell becomes the longest serving member of Congress in United States history. I hope you can join me in congratulating Congressman Dingell on Facebook and Twitter.

Today marks Congressman Dingell's 20,997th day in office. I'm only one person, and my experience that fateful ride home as a high school photographer was only one day. I can't help but think of the countless others that have been similarly touched by Congressman Dingell during his career - a remarkable tenure spanning more than a quarter of the existence of Congress.

Please take a moment today to share your story on your favorite social network and thank Congressman Dingell for his service to the people of Michigan.


Lon Johnson, MDP Chair