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He would fire teachers, firemen, and policemen!

Democratic National Committee
June 18, 2012

Mitt Romney isn't even hiding it -- his policies will hurt Americans if he's elected.

Last week, Romney said that he would cut back on firemen, policemen, and teachers when he mocked the President's plan to create these critical jobs.

It's clear that his proposition isn't just foolish. It's downright dangerous for Americans who rely on these folks to keep us safe and educate our youth. These aren't the kind of policies our country needs.

President Obama has worked hard to protect the public workers who are so important to our economy and our lives. And he is fighting to pass a crucial plan to build on 27 consecutive months of private sector job growth and spur additional hiring, by keeping cops on the street and teachers in the classroom, cutting taxes for small businesses, and helping families refinance their mortgages.

Mitt Romney wouldn't do this. He says he'd leave it up to the struggling local governments to decide where cuts need to be made instead of sticking up for the jobs our country needs.