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Obama - The Politics of Hope and Change

By Dr. Phil O'Dwyer, Chair
November 8, 2008

This election is historic and our country will never be the same again because Americans will not be the same. We have witnessed and helped establish the civic realignment of the country. Such landmark shifts have occurred in the past but this one is bigger than the Barack Obama phenomenon. The voice of the Millennials - those born after 1982 - has been decisive in this election. They delivered energy and hope in a time of despair. They are destined to have a similar impact on society as the "Boomers" did in another era.

What did they say?
They repudiated the politics of personal destruction; they want an end to the politics of extremism; they have no place for the neocon ideology; they want no more senseless wars based on lies; and they believe in government oversight of Wall Street because they believe government does have a role in civilized society.

What do they want?
They want a moderate reasoned approach in which political leaders collaborate to resolve problems; they want to see bright people in government; they want healthcare for our people, adequate schools for our children, jobs for our workforce, protection for the environment, and tolerance for diverse beliefs and lifestyles.

Our country is changing demographically, rapidly and visibly. Our Party has the principles and perspective that resonates with the Millennials. A new era of tolerance and mutual respect is upon us as the enforcers of "proper morality" seek new employment. They will not disappear from the scene but for now they are marginalized.

The new politics is optimistic, hopeful, and empowering. The new president speaks English, and commands respect and admiration at home and around the world. While the magic is back, Barack has no magic wand and the challenges that face him are profound at every level. Now he needs our prayers. Up and down the ticket, Democratic candidates were embraced and they must not squander the trust that has been placed in their hands.

We congratulate Ellen Cogen Lipton, our new State Representative; Gary Peters, our new Congressman; Andy Meisner, our new Oakland County Treasurer; Jessica Cooper, our new Prosecutor; and Janet Jackson, our new County Commissioner. We are proud to have them represent us. To the unsuccessful Democratic candidates we say thank you for advancing the principles of our party.