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Privacy and Terms of Use

First of all, thank you for actually reading this user agreement. All too often, we seem to hunt for the “accept” button so we can get on with whatever it is that we want do. As luck would have it, our privacy statement and website terms and conditions are rather simple and are based on common sense.

The bottom line, here at the top of this message, is that we trust you to do the right thing with this website and its content, and you trust us to protect your privacy. This is our online portal to express ourselves, exchange ideas, and engage the world around us. With this freedom comes responsibility, and that’s where common sense comes in.

You agree to remain civil, embody our core Democratic principles with integrity, and treat others with respect and dignity. You refrain from posting offensive language, images, etc., and we basically stay out of your way and let you go about your business. (We take the Justice Potter Stewart approach to defining offensive material; that is, we know it when we see it.)

Content: Regarding the content on this site, we do the best we can to maintain it with timely, accurate, and relevant information. However, we’re people too (volunteers, no less!) and this is provided on an “as is” basis. Please let us know if something is amiss and we’ll do our best to address the issue, but at the end of the day, it’s all just digital bits on a hard drive somewhere.

Availability: We strive to ensure this website remains online and available for your use (and we hope you use it quite often). This site is hosted through a company with a very strong track record for “server uptime” (or more precisely, they have very few, very brief unplanned outages). If for some reason the website goes offline, we’re probably doing what we can to help bring it back but it’s basically out of our hands.

Payment information: If you choose to join or contribute to the club (always a good idea, in our humble opinion), your online payment will be processed through PayPal - the free, secure, and easy financial transaction service. As such, we do not have access to (nor would we want) your credit card or checking information – that’s yours (we’re grateful for your contributions, of course!).

Personal information: If you contact us, create an account, sign up for our newsletter, and/or join or contribute to the club, we’ll ask for your name, email address, postal address, phone number, and that kind of stuff. We only use our list to contact those who want to be contacted and will not give the list out to other organizations or groups. If you no longer want to receive information from us, we’ll be a bit sad, but will promptly remove you from the list and will do our best to leave you alone.

Log files and cookies: To help us learn about usage trends and patterns, this website does collect some visitor information like computer IP addresses. We do not try to figure out who you are and we only use the data to make this a better website (for instance, what content people visit more often, what content nobody seems to care about, and so on). This site only creates cookies to store your own preferences, and those cookies are yours to toss or keep as you see fit.

Changes to this policy: Some day we might need to amend or otherwise revise these terms and conditions and privacy policy. If we do, it’ll be for a good reason and not just for the sake of changing something. We’ll do our best to let you know about the change(s) by communicating via email and newsletters, posting notifications on this site, discussing it at our club meetings, and sending smoke signals (well, just kidding about that last one).

Agreements: This user agreement and privacy policy is just that - an agreement between you the website user (and club member?!) and ourselves. By accessing the website and partaking of its many and varied capabilities, you agree to comply with these and, again, to do the right thing.

Together we make our progressive community what it is – strong, vibrant, and active. Thanks for your part in making this something special.