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Proposal 3

Michigan Energy, Michigan Jobs
October 2, 2012

More Jobs. Less Pollution.

That’s why Democrats across Michigan, nearly 15 labor organizations, the NAACP and progressives across the state have endorsed Proposal 3 and are urging you to vote YES.

Proposal 3 will create 94,000 jobs that can’t be outsourced and reduce pollution that endangers the health of our kids and our Great Lakes.

Proposal 3 will:

Require utilities to obtain at least 25 percent of electricity from renewable sources by 2025, including wind, solar and biomass.
Limit consumer rate increases related to the generation or purchase of renewable energy to no more than 1 percent per year.
Create incentives to encourage the hiring of Michigan workers and the use of Michigan-made equipment.

Here’s what just a few leading Democrats from Southeast Michigan to West Michigan are saying about Proposal 3:

“I believe that a yes vote on Proposal 3 will help create new energy-related jobs in Michigan,” said Ed Bruley, chair of the Macomb County Democratic Committee. “We cannot languish with the low standards of a bygone era. Just as in education, we must reach for the top to be at the top of a new economy.”

“Muskegon’s local manufacturers, small businesses and our port have benefited from Michigan’s diversification into the clean energy sector,” said Steve Markel, chair of the Muskegon County Democratic Party. “We believe these success stories will only continue with passage of Proposal 3, which is why we’ve endorsed it.”

“Increasing our renewable energy standard is the right way to support Michigan businesses and Michigan workers,” said Frank Houston, Oakland County Democratic Party chair. “This ballot proposal will increase investment and jobs and build on the successes of clean energy businesses in Oakland County and beyond.”

“Moving to more clean, renewable energy will help make Michigan a leader in this field and help to diversify our economy,” said Doug Zylstra, Ottawa County Democratic Party vice chair. “This proposal also has the advantage of helping reduce pollution in our air and water, which will improve the Great Lakes from Holland to Grand Haven and beyond.”

“Nearly 60 percent of Michigan’s electricity comes from imported coal. Now is the time to move our state to renewable energy sources that reduce pollution and improve the health of Michigan families,” said Mike Henry, co-chair of the Ann Arbor Democratic Party.

Voting "YES" for Proposal 3 will rebuild Michigan's manufacturing sector and put people back to work. Democrats are counting on your "YES" vote!

Democrats across Michigan and nearly 15 labor organizations have endorsed Proposal 3, including the United Auto Workers (UAW), the Michigan Education Association (MEA), the Michigan Nurses Association (MNA), the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 324 (IUOE), SEIU, AFSCME, the American Federation of Teachers, and many, many more. For a complete list of endorsements, please visit our website at Please also "like" us on Facebook at

Here are THREE ways for Democrats to share the new Proposal 3 TV ads:
EMAIL: Spread the word by sending an email with the TV ad links to your family and Democratic friends and encourage them to share as well.

Link to “FORWARD”
Link to “ MADE”
Link to “CASH”

FACEBOOK: Post Proposal 3 YouTube links on your personal timelines and encourage your networks to "like” and “share" with their networks. Facebook posts go a long way. Friends pay attention to their Facebook friends' activities. By posting the ads on your timelines, you are letting your networks know that you join Michigan Democrats in supporting Proposal 3!

TWITTER: If you use Twitter, send the links out in a tweet or two urging your followers to watch the ads and support Proposal 3. You can also re-tweet from @mienergymijobs. Be sure to include the hashtags #mi25x25 and #YESon3, and include these YouTube-shortened Bitly links:

Since his first day in office, President Barack Obama has made renewable energy a priority. In September, the Democratic National Committee platform embraced President Obama's call for our nation to generate 80 percent of our electricity from renewable energy sources by 2035 – and Proposal 3 is a key step toward achieving the president's goal.

Vote Yes for Proposal 3!


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