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Terri Lynn Land Runs for Carl Levin's Seat!

Lon Johnson
June 3, 2013


Today, Republican National Committeewoman Terri Lynn Land announced that she is running for Carl Levin's U.S. Senate seat in 2014... 25 years late.

You see, Terri Lynn Land believed she'd be a U.S. Senator back in 1988. She's been running for any open office for years, and she's not even the Republicans' first choice!

Democrats like you and me know that Michigan can't afford Republican Party insiders like Terri Lynn Land in Washington - she failed Michigan's middle-class families the instant she embraced a national Republican plan that would undermine our fragile economic recovery and cut seniors' guaranteed benefits like Social Security and Medicare.

The last time Republican National Committeewoman Land ran for statewide office, she dropped out because she said she lacked fiscal experience. Now she's made up for it by supporting a national Republican plan that undercuts our middle class and makes it tougher for seniors to retire with dignity.

Michigan's families and small-business owners know that Terri Lynn Land's partisanship is no replacement for the common-sense problem solving we need to have in the U.S. Senate.


Lon Johnson, Chair of MDP